Congratulations to PrJSC "Lantmannen Aksa", the newest member of UBA

Congratulations to PrJSC "Lantmannen Aksa", the newest member of UBA

The renowned company, Lantmännen, has joined the Ukrainian Berries Association!

PrJSC "Lantmannen Aksa" is a trailblazer in Ukraine's dry breakfast market and is an active collaborator with foreign clients.

The company currently manufactures its products in Boryspil town, located in the Kyiv region, offering an array of delectable dry breakfasts for both children and adults.

The company's trademarks, which can be found in Ukrainian supermarkets, include:

  • START! - This brand offers delicious and crunchy flakes, figurines, pillows, and bars that children and families adore.
  • AHA - It provides granola, cereal, purée, and cereal bars, an ideal choice for a nutritious breakfast or a convenient snack.
  • Finn Crisp - This range includes healthy croutons and breads that complement any meal. Alternatively, they can be enjoyed as a snack.

Moreover, the company is actively engaged in charitable endeavours, joining forces to support those in need during these challenging times. "Everyone has their own front, our front is to provide the population with food products".

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