The 7th International Blackcurrant Conference

 The 7th International Blackcurrant Conference

The Ukrainian Berries Association is organizing the IBA conference 2022. 

Programme Farm visits, company visits, presentations from blackcurrant professionals from all over the world… Discover our exciting agenda!



June 2nd 2022
Plenary of the conference

Work of the Exhibition

Competition for «Best Blackcurrant Product 2022»

General Meetig of IBA

June 3RD 2022
Day off with visits to three businesses in the region


We have chosen the Premier Hotel Dnister, Lviv’s most inviting hotel, as the venue for the IBA conference 2022. Its incredible panorama view on the old city alone will charm you!

Additional Info

In the framework of the IBA conference 2022, several other events will take place: the highlight will definitely be the blackcurrant product contest.