The garden strawberry picking season is now open!

The garden strawberry picking season is now open!

A member of the Ukrainian Berries Association, LLC "SAV Agro Partner" which operates the largest plantation of organic garden strawberry in Ukraine, has started the mass harvesting of this wonderful berry.

Representatives of the Association together with foreign partners visited the plantation, as joint efforts ensure successful development of Ukrainian organic berry exports. And of course, they didn't miss the chance to savor this delicious and healthy berry!

Moreover, the representatives of the Ukrainian Berries Association visited another member in Volyn region LLC "Highberry" - which operates a large, diversified farm. The farm specializes in the cultivation of berries and cherries, and also operates a plant for freezing berry products.

We are pleased to announce that the harvest at this farm has been also successfully started! The first batch of berries has already hit the fresh product markets in various cities of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Berries Association sincerely wishes all berry producers in Ukraine howling success and a fruitful season in 2023!