Ukrainian Participants at the IBO Summit in Poland

Ukrainian Participants at the IBO Summit in Poland

Representatives from the Ukrainian Berry Association, along with its member companies, participated in the opening of the IBO Summit in Lublin, Poland.

Today, growers from around the world have gathered in Lublin, Poland for a global event – the International Blueberry Organization Summit 2023.

Iryna Kukhtina, the head of the Ukrainian Berry Association (UBA), noted that a wealth of information was shared by leading experts on the first day of the Summit. This indicates that there are significant changes occurring in the global blueberry market. Notably, many experts observed that while the export price of blueberries has remained relatively stable, the costs have been rising, leading to a significant decrease in profitability.

Furthermore, it has been announced that a comprehensive study of the global blueberry market will be published in the coming months and will be made available to the public on the IBO's webpage.

The International Blueberry Organization Summit will continue through July 6. Stay tuned for the latest updates and highlights from the event on the Ukrainian Berry Association's website.